Have you some spare time over the summer?

It’s that time of year again… There’s a mini heatwave this week and everyone is trying to spend a bit more time outdoors. The downside is that business may be getting just a little quieter for the next month or two. So here lies the opportunity! It’s possible that you’ll have a bit more spare […]

8 great apps I use nearly every day

Every summer I give one of these articles over to the subject of apps that I use regularly. This year I’m mentioning 8 apps that I use regularly and that make my work / financial life a little easier to manage. In the list, there are 2 apps in each of the following categories; Banking […]

How good is your sales activity planning?

In this latest in our series of “12 StepChanges to a better business”, we set out our thinking around the importance of structured sales activity planning and the benefits that can be gained from having a consistent, committed approach to your sales and marketing activities that are aimed at your key clients and also your […]

Why your clients leave you

An article in last month’s newsletter about when it’s time to fire a client drew a lot of attention! It proved to be a situation that many financial advisers have experienced. However, now it’s time to take a look at the flip side of the coin – when clients leave you. We’ve set out below […]

How good are you at following up potential clients?

A question often asked by financial advisers and planners is how to effectively get prospects “over the line”. Some cases are very straightforward – you meet a prospect, find out a bit about them, set out how you might help them, and they immediately decide to move ahead with you. But sometimes it’s not like […]

When did you last refresh your website?

This is the latest instalment in our series of “12 StepChanges to a better business”, where we explain some of the services that StepChange brings to our financial adviser clients. This month it’s the turn of websites.   Creating a world class website is within the reach of financial advisers. The secret to it is […]